Astoria Core 600

    Astoria machines have new lines. Core 600 is the first born of Core, the new class of coffee machine.

    Core reworks the elegance of Astoria through the simplicity of the lines and a modern shape that makes it immediately recognisable. With Core, the Italian tradition of espresso coffee is sublimated into a functional design object, capable of being the protagonist in any environment. The Astoria heart beats inside Core 600, a union of tradition, technology and passion for espresso. With Core, espresso has a new design.

    • Touch screen display (TS version only) for extraction cycle, shot times, usage stats, adjustment parameters and much more
    • Shot timers
    • Drop down cup raisers
    • Electronic cup warmer
    • Two steam wands
    • Intuitive keypads
    • Six different pre-set doses
    • Electronic boiler pressure control
    • Insulated boiler
    • Energy saving system
    • Double scale pressure gauge for boiler and pump pressure reading
    • Automatic water inlet (AEA)
    • One push-button water dispenser
    • Internal motor pump
    • Available in 2 & 3 high group
    • Available in inox & white

    The hand control has a new language

    With Core 600, user interaction speaks a contemporary language.
    The keyboards come out of the machine to get closer to the user, making interaction more intuitive and, in the TS version, they offer an easier reading angle on the display.

    The hips have new strength

    Designed to enhance the refinement of the Core 600 shapes, the sides in brushed or painted steel also give the machine sturdiness. In Core 600 design and functionality merge into one for an aesthetic result that reverberates in a machine capable of serving excellence in the cup. Resistance to impact, wear and corrosion over time make Core 600 the ideal solution for those looking for quality and reliability.

    Display features

    • Boiler pressure and level indicator
    • Temperature/pressure setting
    • Network/delivery pressure display *
    • Time and date setting
    • Language setting
    • Cup warmer light *
    • Autosteamer key *
    • Group dispensing time
    • Alarm display
    • Energy saving setting
    • Partial counter display /global (including tea and washes)
    • Setting date, time, day of the week, machine On/Off
    • Machine switching off (stand-by)
    • Firmware release display
    • Drink dispensing graph display
    • Energy consumption graph display
    * Functionality present only in some versions of the machine.