Teknomat UKs Espresso Machine Troubleshooting Guide

A quick guide to some of the more common problems we encounter with espresso machines and how to resolve them.
Problem Solution
Espresso Machine not working

Ensure the machine is switched on and has an un-interrupted power supply. (It may sound obvious, but youd be surprised how many times we receive a service call and the machine is simply switched off!). Check the fuse.

Espresso Machine does not heat

Check the lights are on, there is a water supply and that the boiler is filling. Open the steam valve to facilitate air outflow so the boiler can work at the correct pressure.

Coffee comes out too quickly Adjust the coffee grind, it may be too coarse or tamped too softly.
Coffee comes out too slowly

Adjust the coffee grind, it may be too fine or tamped too firmly. Check pump pressure.

Coffee is not hot enough

Cups may be too cold, they should be kept warm on the cup warmer on top of the machine. It is also recommended the group handles are left in the groups to keep them at optimum temperature for coffee making.

Check the steam arm is working - if so the machine is heating. Check the pressure gauge, which should read around 1.0 bar, if not the pressure switch may need checking. Alternatively there may be an element or scale related problem causing a blockage. Consult an engineer.

No coffee from the groups This could be a result of over-cleaning and a blockage of cleaning powder or insufficient back-flushing with water to rinse out. Otherwise a seized solenoid valve or scale related problem. Consult an engineer.
Touchpad lights flashing One light flashing indicates a flowmeter error. Consult an engineer. All lights flashing indicates no water supply to the machine.
Group seals and shower plates need changing Replacement group seals are necessary when leaks start around the group, to prevent coffee grounds getting into the drinks. Shower plates can be checked by running water through the group without the handle in place. The water should run in one central area, if it runs like a shower (spread out) the shower plate needs changing.
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